Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drying Calendula


I've harvested the first of my calendula. I almost didn't want to cut these pretty blossoms, but lots more are on their way. I'll be hanging my calendula to dry it, and then I'll collect the dried petals to use in making lotions, facial washes, and first-aid preparations (for cuts, burns, and scrapes).

Now that I've taken the picture, I'll move this hanging bunch to a darker room to complete its drying.

I'm leaving some flowers in the garden so that I'll have seed for next year. I love how there are rich yellows, golden oranges, and light and dark centers, sometimes on the same plant!

I don't know why, but this is really exciting for me. I've ordered dried plants and herbs before with which I've made lotions and facial washes, but growing things to use in your own garden is much more fun. And I've never made my own calendula preparations before. I was tempted to buy dried petals last winter, but instead I ordered seeds for the garden, and now my wait is paying off with beautiful blooms.

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