Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blueberries and Chocolate

Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby gave me four blueberry plants for my garden and a 3 pound box of Malley's chocoaltes.

I'm so happy!


aromatic said...

What a lovely hubby!!! Hope you both enjoy a fantastic Valentines Day!!
With Love, Jane xxx

Compostwoman said...

What a nice hubby :-)

Mine gave me "The Victorian Farm" book of the BBC TV series and a dvd of "Tales from the Green Valley"


ICQB said...

Hi Jane! Hi Compostwoman!

When my husband saw your comments he said, "At least someone appreciates me : ) "

He is a very nice hubby. I am already anticipating the wonderful blueberries we will grow!

Jane, I hope that you, too, have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

And Compostwoman, your hubby sounds utterly terrific too!