Saturday, February 6, 2010

What we woke up to this morning

We got about a foot of snow overnight. The wind piled up some drifts that were deeper:

Snowy walks are the best:

When the snow stopped early this morning the clouds started to disappear, and now we have a rare blue sky and sun:


jo©o said...

More snow??
Glad it makes you happy. I'd be hiding with the curtains closed.

That trail you left behind is wonderful.
You ought to enter that picture in the Winter Light February 'Picture this'.
Mind you, I reckoned you ought to have won with your frog. Still, this is also lovely. give it a go again. That deep foreground of white with the light is really great.

aromatic said...

Gorgeous photographs, beautiful snow, blue skies and sunshine... just perfect!! Basil is jealous!!!
Love Jane xxxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

I don't mind a good snowfall, except I did get stuck in the grocery store parking lot this same day. It took six people to push me out of my parking spot : )

My husband and the dog went on ahead of me though the untrod snow, and the two with their trail did call out for a picture - especially in that wonderful light. We rarely have sunny days here in the winter.

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

I can picture Basil bounding through the snow - especially if he loves it as much as Strider! He can't get enough of it!