Friday, December 3, 2010

Three things that start with C


Cake (made by my daughter):

Crappy cotton yarn, spun by me:

That's my first attempt at spinning cotton. I know you can't tell from this skein, but I'm starting to get the knack of it : )


Lyn said...

three more-
and congratulations!

ICQB said...

Hi Lyn!

Thank you :-)

Crystal said...

Your cat is so cute, and the cake looks really yummy!!! :-) I have a friend who spins her own yarn, Just from watching her I can see it takes a lot of patients and practice. I thought yours looked like it was coming along just fine:-) I hope you have a great weekend!

ICQB said...

Hi Crystal!

Thanks! And the cake was really yummy!

Ocean Girl said...

Hello IQCB, you could yarn with the cat around and still had time to bake a cake?:)

Would like you to know that I had not been visiting because I had stopped blogging for a while. Glad to be back:)

ICQB said...

Hi Ocean Girl!

So glad you're back!!

Anonymous said...

I love those German candle merry-go-rounds!

ICQB said...

Hi Anonymous!

They're very fun when the candles are lit and it all turns around.