Friday, May 20, 2011

All of the sparkly vampires should move here.

Forget Forks. We've had clouds and rain for 37 out of the past 40 days. No one would be able to see them sparkle.


Carol said...

I enjoy your blog but am sorry to hear about your cats. My dogs are just furry children and I know you probably felt the same way about your cats. When i got to this post about you having rain for 37 out of 40 days i was blown away. Where I live we have had 0.16 inches of moisture since Jan 1st, and I love to grow things so I have to get creative re: watering. I water some of my plants with ice. If you would like to see a photo my blog is

ICQB said...

Hi Carol!

Thank you for stopping by. You're right about my cats. They are just like family and it's hard when you know it's time for them to go, and you're the one who has to make the call. It hurts, but time heals the hurt and leaves the memories and smiles.

What a creative idea, watering your garden with ice! You can put the water exactly where you need it. I popped over to your blog - what a lovely family you have! And good luck with your garden and all of its challenges!