Thursday, November 3, 2011

Me with my Christmas book in The Learned Owl Bookshop

My husband and I went out to eat in our quaint little downtown the other night. After our meal we strolled down Main Street to The Learned Owl Bookshop where we found my Christmas book on display in their holiday section. I was so excited, I had hubby snap a photo with his phone:

In other news, I planted 26 cloves of garlic yesterday in hopes of a good garlic crop next spring and summer. I bought the bulbs of garlic from an organic garlic grower at the farmer's market this past summer. Last year I planted about nine cloves, only to have six of them dug up that same night by some animal because I forgot to put a thick layer of mulch over top. I mulched them really good this time!


Diane said...

Excellent picture of you and your book. Congratulations!

And good luck with the garlic. Hmmm, garlic-predator protection -- that's not something I've thought about before.

ICQB said...

Hi Diane!

Thanks! And so far the garlic bed remains untouched : )