Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On to the New Year!

I have so much to do, I'm glad I have a whole new year to do it in!

I've got fleeces to sort and wash and comb/card/possibly dye, and then spin. I've got several knitting projects in the queue, I've got some herbal products to make, and I've got my Etsy shop to put in order. The Esty shop is in vacation mode until Jan. 9th, but I'll probably be pushing the date back. I've got product pictures to take and descriptions to write, and other things to sort out. It all takes time.

And then there's my husbands department party, held at my house, coming up. And of course he told everyone that I went to cooking school in Paris, so they are now expecting pasrtries and croissants.

And the problem is, I'm sooo tired. I could probably sleep until the New Year is rung in. Well, it's better to be busy than not, I suppose.

I hope everyone is enjoying the afterglow of the holiday season and is looking forward to the new year. I think I'll enjoy the afterglow with one more cup of coffee, some Christmas carols, the Christmas tree lights, the dog laying nearby and a cat in my lap.


Lyn said...

This is just the lull between the two holidays, a time I enjoy some me time and also time spent with my hubby. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you, good luck with it all!

ICQB said...

Hi, Lyn!
I hope you and everyone else enjoys this lull between the holidays!

Adrienne said...

Hosting the holiday party - that sounds like some extra pressure. The rest of your to-do list sounds like fun...once you've rested up!

ICQB said...

Hi Adrienne!

I'll be happy when the party is over - or more precisely, when the cleaning for the party is over : )