Monday, June 3, 2013

Brown merino and gold silk

I recently spun up a skein of brown merino from one of my raw fleeces. The skein was laying in the 'transition area' where I put skeins after they've dried from their 'setting the twist' soak and are now awaiting labeling for sale. Then, last night, I was playing around with some gold-dyed silk hankies I got at one of the recent fiber shows, and spun one up into about five yards of a triple-ply approximately equivalent to embroidery thread.
I happened to set the thread on top of the skein of brown merino. The two looked so beautiful together that I had to knit up a quick swatch to satisfy my curiosity. I used a bit of the two-ply merino that I had left-over and knitted it together with the golden silk using size 00 needles. Here's a super close-up of the swatch:

The small stockinette bit above the band of garter stitch near the top is where I switched to size 1 needles.

Sometimes I really grow to love the skeins that I make and it's hard for me to put them up for sale. It's times like these that I wish I were a better knitter and could create something really beautiful with the yarns I make. How I'd love to do justice to this brown merino and gold silk combination.


Katelyn said...

So beautiful!! Almost exotic looking. My needles are always greedy for your glorious yarns. When I next finish something, I'll send you a picture. I honestly hesitate to finish a project because that means I'm done working with your yarn! I love it so much.

ICQB said...

Hi Katelyn!

Thanks so much! It's nice to know someone enjoys knitting with my yarn as much as I enjoy making it.