Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flower Fairy Doll

A couple of years ago I found a pattern in a magazine for knitted flower fairy dollies. I thought they were so cute, and then one of my nieces became pregnant - with a girl! I searched and searched for my magazine and couldn't find it, but then found the back issue in my library, hooray! I photocopied the pattern (since I'd already bought the magazine, but lost it, I figured it's okay to photocopy it).
I made the little doll, but she sat without hair, face, or wings for months. I finally put hair on, and then a few weeks later, the face. Over the weekend I got serious, with Christmas coming, and gave her wings and her little flower purse. Now she's waiting to be wrapped up and sent off in a brown paper package all tied up with strings (figuratively speaking, really just taped up with the address written in Sharpie).
Here she is sitting on her little flower purse: 

Closing the petals:

Tucked inside:

And here is a view of her hair:
She's made out of all handspun, except for her hair - I used mostly scraps of some colorful Malabrigo yarn I had on hand, and a few snippets of handspun as well. The handspun is all hand-dyed, some of it with natural dyes.
I got to use up bits of stash yarn on this project. The pattern is a Susan B. Anderson design and I found it in Knit Simple Magazine Holiday 2011. You can find the pattern online here.

Now to finish wrapping things so I can send this off!


kreativa said...

wunderbar - wonderful.

Greetings from Ate

ICQB said...

Guten Tag Ate!


deedledumpling said...

Just Adorable!!! Due to your post previously, I am serious considering the Fantasia as my first wheel! Haven't quite got the money yet, but am saving.

ICQB said...

Hi deedledumpling!

I decided on a Fantasia when I got a wheel because it had all of the features I wanted, and was comparatively less expensive than most other wheels. Hope you like it, too! I have a review somewhere on my blog - there was one issue with bobbins, but it's all good now.

Adrienne said...

Those are so cool!
I haven't visited been visiting any blogs lately. I'm missing all kinds of good stuff!

ICQB said...

Hi Adrienne!

Me too! I have to go on a round of visits : )