Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Of Daggers and Feet

Okay. So my daughter left this morning on a high school trip with the band and orchestra for musical competitions in Florida (with some fun thrown in here and there).

Last night, however, we were in the ER until after 1:00AM getting the top of her foot stitched up. Why? Because, and I kid you not, a dagger had accidentally fallen point first from her dresser and buried itself in her foot.

It's a pretty little dagger that her Grandpa made for her. It has a pretty turqoise and wooden handle. A rose is carved into the handle on one side and her initials on the other, and a heart shape is stamped out of the blade where it widens near the grip. Her Grandpa makes these kinds of things and sells them at craft fairs and online.

So, my daughter had been cutting tags off of a couple of new shirts she had gotten for the trip with this dagger because it happened to be in her room while the scissors were all the way downstairs. Apparently after she set it down, it got bumped and fell, point first, into her foot.

Did she tell me right away at 5:30 when it happened? No. She waited until after 10:00 when I had just gotten into bed with my book.

Teenagers. What are they thinking??

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Anonymous said...

The handle is actually bone, not wood. Hahaha! My verification word is "dirds."