Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Query Shark is Trolling the Waters and I've become Chum

I do a little bit of writing. Recently a literary agent wanted to see the first few chapters of my novel. She read them and then sent them back with lots of comments all over the place. She said that I may be able to find an agent who would like to represent my novel as is, but if I would consider a rewrite (with an eye to her comments), she would like to take another look at it.

So I'm busy working on a rewrite. The comments were terrific and invaluable. No huge changes in the works, all very subtle stuff that makes a world of difference.

I also sent a version of my query letter -the letter you send out to agents hoping to entice them into requesting several chapters or even your whole manuscript, in the hopes that they will fall in love with it and want to represent you in the publishing world - to the new query critique site, Query Shark:

It'll be lots of fun to see the kinds of bites the shark will take out of my query if it appears on the site. I'm looking forward to what I'll learn from the exercise. If my letter shows up, I'll post a link to it through my blog.

P.S. You don't see many queries like #15 on the site. That's the kind of thing you try to aim for.

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