Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fairy Rings

A lot of Fairy Rings, or Fairy Circles, have been showing up in the park next to my house.

Folklore tells us that these rings are caused by fairies, pixies, or elves dancing in a circle.

To step into a fairy ring is to risk never being able to step back out into our world again. You might find yourself in the Land of Faerie - stuck there, bidden to dance until you die from exhaustion. Or you may become enchanted and marry a fairy. Most legends say that fairy rings are dangerous places and are best avoided. My dog, however, made it back out of this Fairy ring just fine.

In reality, the rings are caused by an underground fungus called mycelium. You can learn more about fairy rings, their causes, and the folklore behind them, here.

It's either fairies or fungus that really like the soccer fields in the park next door. Maybe on the next moonlit night I'll go and make sure that it isn't the former.

If you would like to read a short story with fairies in it, follow this link to a story called The Fairy's Tale.


Salix Tree said...

what lovely green rings! The faerie rings I see where I live all have mushrooms growing in them. These are the first mushroom-less faerie rings I've ever seen.
I do like to hop in and out of them though. I think the fae like me and let me leave.

ICQB said...

Hi salix tree,
I love your blog and visit often. I've never seen a mushroom fairy ring in person, but I've seen pictures.

My dog came out of the ring unscathed, but maybe that's because his name is Strider and he was recognized as a friend of elves : )