Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garden Happenings

Here are a few images from my garden.

One of my rows of corn:
The following is a snippet of some peas. I have three varieties, two of which will only get about 18 inches high. This variety, however, will grow as high as 5 feet:
Bush beans flowering in the sun:
And a sunflower plant. I can't wait until my sunflowers bloom:
I'm also waiting for the time when my calendula matures enough to put out flowers.

I have trouble with one of my tomatoes. Although it rained twice yesterday as if we'd been dunked under a waterfall, and all this morning, one of my tomato plants looks like it's wilting. I didn't get a picture of it because my camera ran out of memory just at that moment. Why is that one tomato plant wilting?


Nutty Knitter said...

Your sweetcorn looks great!
Ours is pretty small and weedy so far ... not enough warmth, I suppose ...

ICQB said...

I have a lot of problem with weeds too. They are the bane of my gardening existence! I read somewhere that to be a good gardener, you must embrace weeding.

I'm learning that. Slowly.