Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home from wanderings

I am home now. Arrived this morning after a very long trip home.

I'm so tired that when I called to have a pizza delivered, I couldn't remember my home telephone number. They wouldn't accept my credit card over the phone because I sounded shady, so I had to drive to a teller machine, get some U.S money (all I have on my is foreign), and pick the order up.

Tired not necessarily from the whole vacation, just the trip home which involved spending the night at the airport in Atlanta. Yech.

I'll post a couple more "Where was I?" posts over the next day or two. I did happen to pick up a small gift from one of the countries I visited which I will bestow upon one lucky commenter in my "Where in the world" posts (adrienne, right now it looks like you're a shoe in!).

Must sleep now.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


aromatic said...

Nice to have you back!! You have been missed!! Looks like your vacation was very exciting and enjoyable, but no place like home, especially when you are so very tired!! Hope you enjoy a lovely sleep... sweet dreams!!
Love Jane and Basil xxxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

I did have a lovely sleep, and now to get the house and garden in order after being gone for such a long time!

Love to Basil!

Ocean Girl said...

Hi. It is always nice to be home.

I visit you on Adriene's recommendation and what delightful blog site you have. Neat, cheerful, colorful and very well-organised. I would like to build my blog to be like yours.

The stories are interesting too and I'll be back to read more.

adrienne said...

Ha! I like your 'Where in the World' game...I hope to have a little competition...
Regardless, I look forward to seeing more pictures.
Welcome back - it sounds like quite a trip.

ICQB said...

Hi Ocean Girl!

Thanks for visiting my blog - and for the compliment!

Hope to see you back again sometime.

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

Thanks for the welcome back. I think I've caught up on my sleep. You'll see a few more pictures soon!