Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where am I? Can you guessf from the picture?

The guessing game has begun (see previous post).

Where in the world am I? Can you guess from the picture? It's a tricky one. You can be as general or as specific with your guess as you like. Here's the picture:

I'm looking for a little souvenir prize to bring home to award one of the commenters. There will be other posts with other locations coming up - whenever I have internet access on my travels and the time to post a picture. So keep visiting over the next couple of weeks and guessing where in the world I am!


adrienne said...

Wherever you are, I am jealous.
I'm studying the pic with my husband and daughter...we're guessing Turkey or Cyprus...?

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

Ooh, good guesses! This picture was taken at a place called Acrocorinth in the Greek peloponnese.

It was a fortified site used through the ages, now with ruins of Byzantine and Venetian era fortifications. The ruin in the picture is a Byzantine era church.

The ancient city of Corinth (think of Paul's New Testament letter) is located at the foot of the very large hill that these ruins sit upon.