Monday, March 8, 2010

More computer problems, and still unpublished

My computer is down temporarily. Son's computer suddenly quit. Daughter's computer occupied. I am currently typing this entry on my daughter's boyfriend's laptop.

Not a good time to be without technology while trying to negotiate a book contract through email.

Found out, however, when I finally accessed my email through the laptop, that the small publishing company won't negotiate the terms of their contract at all. I'm not thrilled with the contract as it stands, so I am considering not signing. Which is disappointing, but I don't want to sign away more than I'm comfortable with (way more than I'm comfortable with).

So as of now, I am still unpublished, and likely to remain so for the time being. But hopefully my computer will be up again soon and I'll get back to the story I'm working on now - which I literally left mid-sentence when lots of things started happening all at once just over a week ago.

I'm itching to get back to that sentence : )


jo said...

Oh noooo, not again.
All I can say is : "Scribble, before you forget."

aromatic said...

I agree with Jo... quickly jot it down before you loose the thread!
Sorry to hear the publishing is not working out... but glad you are standing your ground. Maybe the new book will bring you more success with a better publisher... thats when you manage to sort out your computer problems... computers are a wonderful invention when they are working!!
Thinking of you!
Lots of Love, Jane and Basil xxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

I'm trying to organize plans for hte garden with the available time instead. I've been planting seeds in those little checkerboard starter pots.

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

I have the story on hold in my head, but the break may be good - it's given me some ideas...

Pats to Basil!