Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

The early commercials I saw advertising this movie left me not wanting to see it. But when I read a good review in the paper last Friday, and then my daughter came home from seeing it with her boyfriend and gushed about it, I decided to give it a try.

Wow! I would recommend it to anyone. I've only seen it in 3D, but I've heard that you won't be disappointed if you don't see it in 3D. The animation is wonderful, and the flying sequences actually take your breath away - not just because it's a whopper of a ride, but because it's actually downright beautiful. No kidding. And I liked the story too, mostly because Hiccup - the boy hero - is so wonderful, his story, his predicament, his expressions, the whole thing.

And we have a little gray cat that has big, green eyes just like the dragon : )

I know this is a kid's movie, but this was one of the best movies I've seen, visually and story-wise, in a long time. Probably since Julie and Julia.

I'm terrible at summing things up, so what I will say is that the animation was absolutely stunning, and the story was terrific, and it actually touched me.

The 3D ticket is pricey, so try to catch a matinee and save a few bucks. Even if you pay full price, though, you won't be disappointed.


Yarrow said...

Oh I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. The children and I are hopping up and down with excitement about this one. My son has read all the books and daughter is currently plowing through them. As for me, well it's Dragons and they are always worth a look :)

ICQB said...

Hi Yarrow!

I haven't read the books yet, but I think the movie may tell the story in a slightly different way. However, you will not be disappointed, I'm sure about that.

adrienne said...

Gee, there's quite a resemblance between your kitty and the dragon! I'd like to see this one - it looks like a cute story.

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

Yea, except the dragon gets into less mischief : )

Lyn said...

Sounds good, thanks for the recomendation.

ICQB said...

Hi Lyn!

You're welcome!

ricki - sprig to twig said...

I will add this to the arsenal I am stockpiling to convince my honey to go see this movie. thanks!
That is one gorgeous cat!

ICQB said...

Hi ricki!

Hope you convince him! And yes, she's good looking, but she destroys everything around her!