Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everything's coming up roses!

My son and my husband and I planted three rose bushes out front. It's been cloudy and rainy, but when the sun came out for a few brief minutes, I sent my son out to take a few photos:

We put them up by the mailbox, behind the lilies. We had to raise the bed a bit for the roses, so I hauled a bunch of stones from the back (left behind by the ice-age glaciers and piled up by the farmer that used to farm these environs) to ring the area and hold in the extra soil.

My son and daughter gave me these two beautiful hanging baskets for Mother's Day. They look so pretty along with my young azaleas:

There is supposed to be a hard freeze tonight, so in honor of Mother's Day, everyone will have to help me cover tender plants in my gardens this evening. Hooray for Mother's Day!


jo©o said...

How absolutely lovely.
And in flower already as well. Your season seems to be progressing so much faster than ours. I can barely detect ta few small rosebud, and that is inside the greenhouse.

I envy you the pristine state of your home: so inviting and clean and freshly painted. Nice to get a glimpse. Can I come in now :-)

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

The roses are lovely. I suspect they are in bloom a bit before their time because I bought them from a nursery - they're probably straight from an 'industrial' greenhouse :-)

And oh, my. That picture tells an untruth if my home seems pristine and freshly painted. The fact is it is in desperate need of both painting (or a good power washing) and shutter repair/replacement (some are warped).

I guess I did some wicked cropping to get it to look so good in the picutre ;-)