Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally! Wintergreen!

I've been searching the wilds for wintergreen plants for a couple of years now. I haven't had any luck. This year I broke down and ordered some from a nursery. I placed the order at the end of winter, but they wouldn't ship until this month.

A couple of weeks ago, I was informed by the nursery that their wintergreen wasn't doing very well. I thought that my search for wintergreen would have to continue, but today I received two wintergreen plants in the mail!! They were a smaller size than the ones I ordered, but I was credited the difference in price.

Here is one of my wintergreen plants in its new home, I'm so excited!:

While out snapping pictures of the wintergreen, I noticed that my weigelas are sporting more blossoms than the last time I looked. I have two kinds of weigela - don't ask me what their names are, I don't remember. I just think of them as the light ones and the dark ones.

Here is a sample of the light one with its light, variegated foliage against pretty, dusty-pink flowers:

And here is the darker one, with its bolder foliage and darker blossoms:

I also have a rare cat plant sprouting from a pot on my porch:

Here's a shot of the two weigelas together:

The cat plant is very hardy and this particular variety is dog-resistant:

Happy gardening!


jo©o said...

What a fun post.
Not fond of cats, but loved the pictures curled up in the pot. Of all places to take a nap.

Hurrah!! Wintergreen. Look at them new shoots. Before you know it there will be little white bells and fat red berries. Chuffed for you. Funny the way we lust after certain plants.

The variegated Weigelia is my favourite too, but it didn't survive under our heavy tree growth.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

Hurrah indeed! And I'm still lusting... I need more wintergreen :-)