Sunday, June 6, 2010

We must appease the flood gods

I need to find a sacrifice that will appease the flood gods. It's a good thing we replanted our community plot in raised rows and mounds:

Ours is not the only flooded plot. There are several, the one to the left of ours has even more water:

Our Lima beans have sprouted and are up out of the floodplain:

Some lemon cucumbers have sprouted:

And some zucchini squash:

We even have a rogue squash that came up between mounds. Someone must have dropped a seed:

Our corn is coming up, but we didn't get a close-up pic. The tomatoes and the peppers that are still alive continue each day in survival mode and not growth mode. They are the same size they were when I planted them over a month ago. But the carrots are growing. And here is a moth that my daughter caught in a photo:

I'll have to post some pictures of my other gardens. I'm particularly proud of my 21 (!) potato plants.

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