Monday, September 6, 2010

How goes the spinning?

Great! I've been able to spin everyday (except today) since I got my Kromski Fantasia wheel two weeks ago. During the first week I made lots of crappy yarn. I used it to knit this bag:

- which I then proceeded to felt. Each of the colors is a different type of wool, so they all felted differently, some more thoroughly than others. I keep my roving and other spinning paraphernalia in it now. It's pretty big:

I've since made lots of other yarn:

On the wheel right now is what I'm producing with the last of my roving. I have only a few ounces left of two types of roving, an unknown purple sheep's wool, and gray Suffolk, which is kind of coarse :

That's not plied yarn on the bobbin. I'm just putting the two fibers together and drafting them out together to spin. I've put it on hold, though, until I can get back to it:

But I did ply a dyed merino yarn that I made, with an undyed blue faced Leicester (the white) yarn that I made, and it created what I refer to as 'candy cane' yarn. I'm in the middle of knitting what I've termed 'peppermint mittens' with it:

I'm having lots of fun and my yarn is improving little by little each time I spin.

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