Friday, January 21, 2011

Nook color!

I got a Nook Color ereader for Christmas. Actually, I should clarify that. My husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas which I was thrilled about, except for the fact that Kindle isn't library-friendly. So we sent the Kindle back and I got a Nook Color instead.

In making my choice for which library-friendly ereader I would get in exchange for the Kindle, I narrowed it down to a choice between the Sony Touch and the Nook Color. What finally swayed me to the Nook? Pandora Radio. If you can access a wi-fi connection, you can go online with the Nook, which comes with the Pandora app. It's absolutely wonderful!

So I not only use my Nook for reading wonderful library books, but I can plug it into my stereo and listen to ebooks or the utterly fabulous Pandora Radio while spinning.

If you're not familiar with Pandora, it's an app which lets you plug in a favorite title of music or an artist, and it will build a radio station of similar music for you to listen to around that. My favorite station to listen to while spinning is built off of Waltz of the White Lilies by the Irish band, Deanta.

I'm so happy with my Nook Color!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Just got mine on the 19th and now spending time hiding in my cave. And my TV is mad at me!

Great device and reading again.

ICQB said...

Hi orb9220!

I'm typing this from my nook color!