Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seed Catalogues

I've circled so many things I want from my seed catalogues that I may go bankrupt if I order them all : )

I have to prune my choices. Or maybe it's thin. I have to thin my choices. Thinning always hurts.


WeldrBrat said...

You're doing better than me. I jumped and ordered. And then - the order arrived. After going through the checklist - everything was there... except for ... everything I forgot to order. LOL

ICQB said...

Hi WeldrBrat!

Ha! That's got me grinning!

Emily said...

they make everything look so good, don't they? those catalogue photos...irresistible. as of last season i've accumulated around 150 packets and i'm cutting myself off, at least until seed starting time when my willpower withers. best of luck thinning your choices.

ICQB said...

Hi Emily!

It's oh so easy to accumulate those packages!