Sunday, June 19, 2011

The hanging of lavender begins

My lavender has begun to bloom, which means I am harvesting everyday now as the blossoms become ready. They'll hang upside down in my warm, dark garage until they're dry. I have four different types of lavender and they each bloom at slightly different, yet overlapping, times.

The two that are blooming right now are the Hidcote and my mystery lavender. It's a mystery because it was labeled as Munstead, but when it bloomed it clearly was not. I have no idea what type of lavender it is, but it has a very pretty scent. Each of the different types has a slightly different color and scent. Some are heady and others are more delicate, both in color and in scent.

Here's a closer look at the mystery lavender. It has a small grouping of flowers instead of a longer, wand-like presentation:

The two that are not in bloom yet are the Munstead and the Provence lavenders. The Munstead will be opening any day now, but the Provence will be just a while longer.

I'm hanging my lavender to dry. Later, it will be turned into teas, sprays, sachets, and, possibly, ice cream.


Carol said...

Beautiful! I have never seen lavender before but I bought a couple of pots this year...I have no idea what kind. Mine are only about 4 inches tall but I hope someday they bloom! Possibly they don't like the triple digit weather? They get water every day and are still the size they were when I planted them a month ago. After seeing yours I am so in hopes that mine will grow.

ICQB said...

Hi Carol!

I think lavender doesn't mind sun and heat. I think there are even some experimental farms in New Mexico testing various varieties to see if it will turn into a viable, money-making crop there.

It's not a super quick grower, but you'll notice it when it happens. It likes to be trimmed back a little in the fall.

I love running my hand over the lavender and smelling my hand after, just lovely!