Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our new rose is blooming!

We have a few rose bushes in the front yard. My son added a new one this year that he saw in a catalogue and liked. It's a Dick Clark grandiflora. We got it as bare-root stock, so it took a while for it to wake up out of dormancy. Two buds were just about to bloom about a week ago or so, but just before they opened, some deer came along and nipped every bud and bloom off of the roses. That was frustrating, we were anxious to finally see the flowers.

Well, the Dick Clark quickly put out another two buds, and they've bloomed! The blossoms are beautiful and have a mildly spicy scent (click on any of the pictures to see them larger, then hit back arrow to return to blog):

It's so pretty!

Our Princess de Monaco has one bloom right now. It's also lovely:

At the garden center earlier in the season, I found these delightful petunias. I lost the little tag, so I don't know the variety, but I love the colors:

Here they are cascading out of a planter:

What are some of your favorites from the garden this year?


Adrienne said...

Gorgeous! Wish I could click on the pic to get a sniff, too!
The best part of my garden right now is the little umbrella table I bought so I can spend more time out there..but at least my stephanotis has really taken off this year.

ICQB said...

Hi Adrienne!

Oooh, I bet the stephanotis is beautiful! At first I couldn't remember what exactly stephanotis was, but then I googled it and it all came back to me. I remember it now from my mom's flower shop. I think I even had some in my bouquet : )

Sgolis said...

Your roses are beautiful. My garden is slowly turning brown as we have had an extreme heat wave for the past 30 days. I enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing your pretty floral images.

ICQB said...

Hi Sgolis!

Thank you! And I'm sorry about the heat wave, it's hot here, too, but we've at least had rain.

Brian Anna said...

MY favorites this year, in SE Penn., are my 14' Mammoth Sunflowers, my Nasturtium, Marigold and my Blackberry is really taking off!

Also, i've had two harvests off my wild strawberry patch since spring.. happy gardening@

ICQB said...

Hi Brian Anna!

Wish I could see those sunflowers! And wild strawberries are the best!

Happy gardening to you, too!