Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spinning Yak

I recently got a hold of some yak down. It's the fluffy undercoat that keeps the yak warm. It's incredibly soft. I have 4 oz. which I carded up yesterday and made into rolags, ready for spinning (you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger):

Here it is on the wheel. Did I mention that it's really soft?:

I've been spinning it woolen style. I want to ply it into at least a three ply, I think.

The single is pretty thin, but I want it to be at least a sport weight yarn. Worsted weight would be better, but it's hard for me to spin things thick enough for worsted weight anymore. Everything seems to come out thin, it's easier than spinning thick, it seems.

Although I did recently spin up some colorful polwarth rovings into worsted weight, 2-ply yarn. I love polwarth, it's cushy and soft. The two on the right are Navajo plied, the one on the left is just plied the regular way:

I have to say that I really like the yak. I have 10 grams of musk ox which cost me about $25 (yes, that's 10 GRAMS for ~ $25). The yak is very much like the musk ox and it's so much more affordable. I haven't done anything with the musk ox yet. And if you think yak is soft, you haven't felt soft until you touch the musk ox. It's also touted to be the warmest fiber in the world. Yak, I think, will make an affordable substitution for musk ox.

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