Monday, October 10, 2011

Texting Mittens Knitted from Handspun Yarn

These are some texting mittens that I knitted out of some of my handspun yarn. They're for my daughter:

The gray inner glove is yarn I that spun from some angora/wool/silk blend roving that I purchased from the Crooked River Fiber Fling last August. The lavender outer mitten is yarn that I spun from some superwash Bluefaced Leicester that I dyed with a dye made from elderberries.

My son wants a pair, which I'll make using yarn that I'm planning to spin from some cozy, brown yak down. My husband will get a pair, too, only he'll use his while pursuing his hobby in the winter months - outdoor photography. His will have a little bit of nylon (he's worried about durability) and a pinch of quiviut (musk ox - just about the warmest fiber there is) blended in with the yak.

The pattern I used can be found in the Fall 2010 issue of Spin Off magazine.


KicsiKat├│ said...


I've just found your blog. Ordered my own Fantasia a few days ago and it's good to see you're so happy with yours.

I'll follow you, hope you'll have so much spinning posts:))))

Happy spinning! :)

Hugs from Hungary, Europe

ICQB said...

Hi KicsiKat├│!

I hope you love your Fantasia as much as I love mine. I wish I knew Hungarian so that I could follow your blogs.

And Happy Spinning to you, too!