Monday, June 9, 2008


I have sprouts in my garden! Things started poking out of the soil over the weekend. Once things have become more established, I'll have to get in there with the hoe. Every square centemeter is covered with lots of things trying to grow, a good deal of them maple tree seedlings. I told my husband that if the garden doesn't take, we could start a maple seedling farm.

Here's a bush bean plant sprouting:

Here are a couple of zucchini:

And here's a row of corn:

Sunflowers and three types of peas have also begun to show their heads. In the front yard the peonies are in bloom. Some of the white blooms have let their heavy heads rest on the soft carpet of pine needles underneath. The white ones smell just like roses:

Here's a pink one, they don't have much of a fragrance, but they make up for it with color:

The white peony below is talking to a little lungwort plant. I have two lungwort plants, and I know they like shade, but I think that these may have too much of it. They usually have one beautiful pink-then-blue flower (which has already bloomed and gone), but they aren't thriving. They were there when we bought the house seven years ago. I'm thinking about moving them to a better spot:

Sorry about the blurriness of the next picture. I went out to get a picture of my spiderwort which just began to bloom today. Well, at least this morning some of the flowers were open when the sun was on them. This after noon, in the shade, they have closed up again. I love my spiderwort. The picture is blurry because my dog was with me and had wandered into the park next door while I was snapping the picture. Teams were setting up for a baseball game and I was afraid my dog would sneak over there an steal one of their balls - so I snapped the pic quick and called my doggy home.

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