Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evasion tactics, or, "Where, behind that cat?"

We have a cat who likes to come along for walks when we take the dog out.

We have a couple of different routes for walks in the park. The smaller route which goes around the pond is the only route on which we allow the cat to join us. The other route, which encompasses the whole park, is too long. Too many things could go wrong for a cat - other dogs, for instance, or just the feeling that the whole park is now its domain. The latter one is what I don't want the cat to come to believe. The park is too big and too busy for the cat to go gallivanting that far from home.

The result is that, if the cat looks like it's trying to follow us on the longer route, we must try to outrun it, hoping that it will finally stop and go to the hedges which are its favorite place to wait for our return.

So yesterday, my husband and I went running out over the soccer fields, dog happy as a lark, cat running after us, all the time looking over our shoulders and shouting, "He's coming, hurry!"

To onlookers it must have looked something like Monty Python running from the killer rabbit.


aromatic said...

Oh this cracked me up!! Thank god I am not the only one who does this..... we have the two cats Bold and Boots and both enjoy coming for a walk with Basil.... I have one route that is a safe and enjoyable walk for cats.. the others are far too far away or can be near a main road.... when it looks as if the cat/s want to accompany Basil and I on a walk and its the unsuitable routes I either lock up the cat flap and run out of the house or sometimes shut them in another room... then when I am a safe distance away from home I will call a member of the family from my mobile to let cat/s out of the room they are confined in or unlock cat flap.... I have tried out running them but the little critters always manage to catch me up!!! lol!!!!
Love Jane xxx (Basil sends lots of loving doggy barks for Strider!!)

adrienne said...

That does sound like quite a show!
And poor kitty...I hope he realizes it's for his own good :)

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

I'm so happy to hear of other cats who want to tag along. I've actually found that several of the cats I've owned have been 'walkers'. I think it may be more common than most folks know, at least the ones I meet in the park : )

Lots and lots of happy doggie barks to Basil!! And I hope you're having a lovely spring!

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

My husband doesn't worry too much, but I always make sure the cat either goes back, either on his own or with my help. But believe me, he doesn't like being dumped over the fence into our back yard and then have us run away.

He's very forgiving, though. He always comes to greet us when we get back.