Monday, March 23, 2009

A Quiet Day in the Garden

Today has been a quiet day. Beautiful and sunny, but very quiet. The park next door was empty. I could hear the breeze in the treetops it was so quiet. On our walk, I rested for a few minutes with my eyes closed and my face to the sun while my dog rummaged through the old cattails looking for stray baseballs (he found one which has been fermenting in the goop all winter).

It's the beginning of spring break here for the area schools. I think everyone has flown south for the week.

I tidied up the back yard by gathering sticks and fallen branches, enjoying the quiet and the song of the wind through the pines and the just-budding branches of other trees.

I'm not really a gardener. I do a garden blogger's bloom day post every now and then (supposed to be on the 15th of each month), but really I'm just an impostor. My posts consist of cleverly cropped photos leading you to believe that my yard is bursting with bloom and color. You will note that you will never see a panoramic, or full shot of the whole yard. I also post pictures of what's blooming wild in the park next door.

If you've ever read Harry Potter, you'll know what I mean when I say that, for comparison's sake, my yard is a Weasley yard (rusting cauldron by the doorstep, stray galoshes piled up, and gnomes in the garden) and not a Dursley yard (everything prim and trimmed and neat).

Nonetheless, I do put forth a bit of effort. This year I even thought ahead and started seeds indoors. I've even got several things sprouting in my sprout tray:

Last year when we rototilled a garden spot in the way back, I had to say goodbye to all of my lovely wild violets. I've been grieving that decision recently because 1) wild violets are my favorite flowers, and 2) they are some of the first bloomers and I was already beginning to miss them, even though it's early yet.

But wandering around in the mud patch back there, I spotted some hangers-on pushing up through the earth. Hooray! I'll have some violets after all:

And speaking of rototilling, how good a job could we have done if these are coming up in the middle of the vegetable garden plot?:

Spring is really here. The crocuses have arrived and late snowstorms haven't even spoiled the show, as usual, to cover them up again:

Happy Spring!


Compostwoman said...



. said...

You are using those swellable checkers too for your seeds. My first time as I had never seen them before. I've got Monarda in mine. What tiny seeds those are for such tall plants.Anyways, I feel quite grown up having seeds actually sprouting.

BTW, finally did my Gaultheria post. Come visit, at j-s. Thanks for reminding me that I had them lurking under the trees.
BTW II: Not just the loft, dear, the entire building. Catastrophic, and the builders have only just started. I am losing out on Spring up there and really resentful.
Violets I can let you have by the bucket load, white mostly.
Enjoy the new growth.

ICQB said...

Hi Compostwoman!

Hurrah, indeed! We needed the color here.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

I feel quite grown up too. The sprouts make me feel as though I've accomplished something big.

Now to get them into the garden and through the summer!

Thanks for your wonderful wintergreen post, and all of your wonderful posts - they're always a treat to walk through.

adrienne said...

I'm more of a Weasley kind of gardener myself. And I love wild violets! I haven't seen any for a long time.
Happy planting!

. said...


It must be Spring: the header has changed. Snow banished. For good?

Just wanted to say that you can see my 2008 efforts on violets at (you know who -) violaceae. A lot more on that bone. Endless in fact. Start hunting out the little ones in your park.

parth said...

Hi adrienne!

Yay for us Weasley gardeners!

parth said...

Hi Jo!

I absolutely loved the post! Thanks!

And yes, the snow has been banished - at least until next winter : )

And btw - your drawing was so perfect. I couldn't bring up the larger version - would love to see it.

. said...
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. said...

Note-to-self: ALWAYS use preview if you can't spell.Sorry.
Try the larger page now. It ought to work for you.I hope.

BTW, what's with the new identity?

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

I accidentally was logged in through my other account where, instead of ICQB, I come up as parth (who happens to be a character in my novel).

I don't really use that account, and I don't know how I was logged in with it.

Oh well, those things happen.

ICQB, aka parth, aka Linda

ICQB said...

Hi again, Jo!

Just popped over to see the larger image of your violet drawing.

Two words: Utterly beautiful.

Oh to have such talent....

You are truly gifted.