Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Told you

Okay, so we did get our late snowstorm. Bad news - we got a few inches. Good news - it couldn't stand up to the return of the sun today.

We had tons of robins in our backyard yesterday hunting for worms where the dog had trampled the snow away. But today it looks like spring might just be thinking of sticking around and the robins are now more widely dispersed.


. said...

Good that the snow is gone at least.

We had Spring for a day yesterday. No heavy overcoat and I even went out without a woolly hat. A first, that.

Today we are back to what I am beginning to think of as 'normal'. Grey,overcast and stormy.
We have snow of sorts on the path, in the shape of fallen cherry blossom petals.
Hardly there or they are going over already.

Planted 6 (six, no less) climbing roses yesterday. All species roses. As long as one of them survives, I shall be content.

Enjoy your Easter.

ICQB said...

Thanks, Jo! And Happy Easter to you, too.

And I have a suspicion that all of your roses will do very well : )