Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where Am I Going?

And why am I in this handbasket?

Okay, maybe I'm not going there. Apparently I'm going to bad gardener's heaven, where these come up in your vegetable garden bed:

And these beauties come back, even after you've rototilled them away:

And the weeds in your lawn look like this:

And this:

And you have trees, the names of which you can't remember (edit - Japanese magnolia, or tulip tree), but they look like this just before they burst into bloom:

And these little things pop up here and there to surprise you:

And where even the softest of colors are glorious:


adrienne said...

I have grasshoppers popping up here and there to surprise me. I'd be a lot happier if they were grape hyacinths!

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

Or how about hopping grape hyaciths? That would be nice : )

jo said...

Colour is back in your garden. With a vengeance.
So no lawn mowing allowed than until all the beauties have died down.
Same here. Himself hates mowing so I don't have to put up a fight on that score.We will need a scythe come June :-)

Glad you're fixed up again.
Want a new chapter some time? Let me know. Actually, I've forgotten the story line totally.


ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

It's funny because one of my neighbors has a lawn which is infested with violets and dandelions. The effect is so stunning each spring that the rest of us yell at her when she goes to cut her lawn for the first time, or swears that she will sign a lawn care company to get her lawn back into shape.

And guess what? My computer is down again. I had it for one glorious morning, and then it failed [again].


I am back to bullying my children off of their own computers and mine has now been placed even farther down the priority list of "things to spend money on."

But I would LOVE more chapters. I was just thinking about your story today, and how nice it would be to read some more of it.