Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gone to the bogs

My hubby and I visited Triangle Lake Bog yesterday. We had a lot of fun taking pictures. There's a boardwalk trail so that you don't sink into the bog, never to be heard from again:

It was morning so the spiderwebs were pearled with dew:
And many of the plants, too:

This little maple has sprouted in the midst of a carpet of cranberry plants:

The cranberries are ripening:

The bog is home to a couple of varieties of carnivorous plants, such as the pitcher plant:

I'm not sure what these flowers are, but they added a splash of yellow to the greens and the hints of red that will be followed in earnest soon by the colors of fall:

Another unknown flower adding to the colors of the bog:

The sphagnum moss grows thick everywhere under the plant growth:

A colorful pitcher plant:

And a few more:

These were nestled in with the cranberry carpet:

The sphagnum moss is soft and so cushy:

It's said to be antiseptic, and the dry moss is absorbent. The Native Americans apparently used it to dress wounds, and as a diaper of sorts.

We visited another nature preserve on which can be found a couple of other boggy areas, but we only hiked through a small section of it's 427 acres. We're planning on a return visit soon.


Anonymous said...

So that is what you meant by 'our trip'.
Were you all tuckered out to when you got home?
That flower is related to BizzyLizzy, a balsamine and I reckon yours is 'Jewelweed'.
Over here they are pink and called Himalayan Balsam or sone such name.
They can be OTT prolific and we had half our garden covered one year. The Thames, just below is, is really clogged up with the stuff. Maybe your orange version is more restrained.

What does that fancy ring on your left indexfinger say?

That pitcher plant picture is amazing: the colours zing. To find something like that in the wild! Another GGW contender.

joco said...

That was me. As if you didn't guess.