Sunday, January 10, 2010

A study in crystals

Get comfy and pull up a seat:

It was frosty as well as snowy this morning, so when I went out to replenish the bird feeder, I grabbed my camera to snap some frosty pictures. Click on any of the photos for a close-up view.

A crystal-encrusted tulip tree bud sleeping through the cold:

Thorns and frost:

I heard yesterday that all snowflakes are hexagons. Is that true for frost crystals too?:

It's a rare sunny day. Maybe I'll go out for a snowy adventure. Hope you're staying warm!


jo said...

Chillblains after that?
And did you manage to keep your camera battery warm enough?

That bench complete with duvet, is so funny. And the crystals are amazing. Don't have any idea about a standard shape.

We are teeter-tottering on the -1/+1 C today, which makes everything very slippery.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

Funny you should mention chillblains and camera battery. This morning was no problem, but the other day I just about froze my fingers taking pictures before my battery went caput. First time that ever happened - about the battery, I mean. But that day was windy, this morning it was calm and beautifully sunny.

It gets very tricky when things are thawing and re-freezing. Slippery, indeed. Too cold here today to thaw, even with the sun.

Ocean Girl said...

That is a lot of snow! Fascinating to see the crystals. Beautiful pictures.

ICQB, I'm not sure if you know Unknown Mami, but I believe the group at Sundays in My City would love to see your neighbourhood and also your many wonderful pictures. And I know I have missed some great pictures of your trip to Europe and would love to see them.

ICQB said...

Hi Ocean Girl!

I hadn't heard about Unkown Miami or Sundays in my City (actually, I think I've seen some of your Sundays in my City posts on your blog). I found the blog and the pictures and concept are fascinating. I'll have to gear up to participate!