Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kitten Update - We Have A Name

We've found a name for our kitten.

It's a very appropriate name.

It takes into consideration her temperament and disposition.

It fits quite well.

The name is Freki. In Norse mythology, Freki is one of the monstrous wolves that will take part in the destruction of the world on the day of Ragnarok, which is the Norse equivalent to Armageddon.

Aww. Isn't little Freki sweet? She's practicing.


birdy said...

Beautiful and playful Kitten.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Is that pronounced Freeky? Your kitten looks like a tiger in the last picture.

ICQB said...

Thank you, birdy, she is a beautiful kitten - but she's a handful of energy!

Hi Lisa, Freki is pronounced like deck-y, except with an 'Fr' - at least that's how we're saying it. And she not only looks like a tiger, she pounces on the other cats all of the time and drives them crazy. But she's too fast for them to catch and discipline with a crotchety swat.

Anonymous said...

Freki is NOT one of the monstrous wolves that take part in Ragnarok.

Freki and Geri always remain at Odin's side.

Fenris is the wolf that plays a role in Ragnarok (he is the son of Loki who remains chained until Ragnarok).

ICQB said...

Hi Anonymous!

Lol! My information came from an encyclopedia of monsters that I happened to have on hand. I've read other, varying descriptions of Freki since (all a little different), but the name has stuck, and, yes, she still likes to knock things around : )