Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free short Stories - New one up

I have a new short story up on my other blog. This story really is very short. In fact it's not quite complete. The idea for it came to me when I was researching runic writing.
My short story doesn't have runes in it. But while paging through books filled with pictures of ancient stone markers with runes carved in them proclaiming that this bridge was built by this person, or this stone was placed in memory of this person's wife, daughter of so and so, the beginnings of a story formed in my mind. (The wonderful picture above comes from

In my short story, little Neddy Fairborn is far removed from the land of runes, but his ancestor, Bjarn was not - he lived and breathed there, and was up to things perhaps he shouldn't have been . But then, if he wasn't, perhaps there would have been no Neddy...


joco said...

All I can say is....finish it, please.
Lovely writing style and imagination.

ICQB said...

Thank you, joco. You're very kind.