Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poetry Friday

Here is my contribution to Poetry Friday, which some of the bookish-type blogs participate in. This is an original poem which came to me as I mowed the lawn this morning:

Escaping murderous blades,
In my hand.

I'm sure that is the first and last contribution I will ever make to Poetry Friday. If you would like to see a real Poetry Friday post, you can visit this blog.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a great poem. I sometimes write haikus. This isn't really a haiku but, well, I forget what they call this. Very well done. Don't feel like you have to write every friday. That is what takes the fun out of it. If it comes to you be sure to post.

I ususally read all of One Single Impression. You can go there for some more inspiration.

ICQB said...

Thank you, Lisa. I'm glad you liked my little poem. I'm going to go check out One Single Impression.