Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adding Apple Jelly

Last night I added apple jelly to the list of jellies that I've made recently.

So far, between my daughter, her boyfriend, and I, we've gathered fruit for and made elderberry jelly, blackberry & elderberry jelly, and apple jelly. Still on my list of jellies to make are crabapple and apple & rosehip.

I'm running out of places to store all of the little jars. I like the small jars for jelly because they make nice little gifts.


Yarrow said...

I make apple and herb jelly to go with meat and we usually have far too many jars, so some do end up as gifts.

I've moved to a new 'home', drop by when you get the chance and say hi :)


ICQB said...

Hi Yarrow!

I'm so glad you didn't shut down completely - good luck with the new blog!!