Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elderberry Jelly

Yesterday I made a batch of elderberry jelly. Actually I, my daughter, and her boyfriend made the jelly.

I harvested the berries from a couple of very large bushes that grow nearby. I had exactly half the amount called for in the Sure-Jell recipe, but my daughter and I spent the afternoon picking wild blackberries so I thought we would make up the difference with blackberry juice.

It turns out we didn't need to because I cheated a little when processing the elderberries. The recipe calls for you to crush the berries and simmer them for fifteen minutes to juice them. I added a little bit of water (just shy of covering the berries), and in the end I ended up with the exact amount of juice needed for the recipe. I worried that it would set/taste all right - but everything worked out well. The jelly set perfectly and it tastes wonderful.

Now to turn all of those lovely blackberries into sparkling jars of jelly!


aromatic said...

Looks delightful!! I have a glut of plums at present I am trying hard to deal with... and I am furiously using them up and giving them away. I need to make some jam and struggling to find jars to be honest. As I am new to jam making (hangs head in shame!!) not sure whether I need metal screw top jars or can I get away with wax papers and a cover??? Love your jars by the way, never seen any like that before. I have masses of coffee jars but not sure if the plastic lid will be okay for jam making. I hate been such a novice at this especially at my age. I also feel very sad as I could have in the past asked my Mum about this ... but sadly thats all now lost forever as she is no longer able to talk to me much and the memories are already long gone!
Anyway must not be maudlin... sorry!
Perhaps you could advise me with what sort of jars, lids or waxpapers I should or should not be using.....
Thanks so much!
With Love, Jane and Basil xxxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

Ooh, a glut of plums sounds wonderful! I'll send an email about the jars.

And you're not being maudlin - you're just sharing a little of what's going on in your life - and that's always welcome. And I'm only sending good thoughts your way!

Woofs to Basil! It has finally warmed up a bit here (feels like summer finally) and Strider thinks it's way too hot.