Friday, August 7, 2009

A Walk in the Cuyahoga Valley

We went for a walk along one of the trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park today. It was a bridle trail, but we only met a few people on horseback toward the end of our walk. My camera batteries were low, so I only got a few pictures. One was of a stream with only a little bit of water:

Strider liked it, even if the water only cooled his feet:

There were all sorts of wildflowers, and blackberries ripening, and other interesting things, but you'll have to take my word for it.

Afterward we stopped at a small drive-in restaurant so that we could get a little cup of vanilla ice cream for Strider. That's the only reason - the sign advertising homemade strawberry and banana ice cream had nothing to do with the decision : )


aromatic said...

Looks like a gorgeous walk! Had to smile at Strider cooling his paws!!
And as for the essential ice-cream required for Strider, well just the perfect excuse for a strawberry and banana indulgence!!
Love to you all!
Jane xxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

We all enjoyed our ice creams very much!

Love to you and your family and Basil!

ricki said...

Our cat, Sammy, has no interest in people food...with the exception of Trader Joe's vanilla ice cream. She can smell it from afar and comes running to poke her nose in our dishes. She is very particular: break out the Hagen Daas "coffee" and she could care less. I love it that we similarly indulge our pets.

ICQB said...

Hi ricki!

Our dog lurves his ice cream, especially if he's been for a long, hot walkie.