Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Trufocals (now called Superfocus) have arrived - OR - Just call me Dr. Van Helsing

My Trufocals (edit: TruFocals are now called Superfocus) arrived yesterday:

I ordered the regular, and the tinted lenses. They're interchangeable:

Here you can see the little slider on the bridge which is used to adjust focus (click on the picture to see it close-up):

And here I am, this morning (without make-up and barely a half-cup of coffee in me) wearing my Trufocals:

Remember Dr. Van Helsing from the Dracula movie with Bela Lugosi? I'm pretty sure those are Trufocals he's wearing : )

Pretty funky, huh?

Okay, so when I got my Trufocals yesterday, I took them right away to be fitted. They come with a certificate to give your to optician, whereby he or she may be compensated for their time by the Trufocals folks. In other words, you can get them fitted by a professional at no cost to you.

I then went shopping for Halloween decorations with my daughter. She offered to wear some fake Harry Potter glasses so that people would just think we were both wearing parts of our costumes already. I must say that the Harry Potter glasses looked a bit better on her than my Trufocals looked on me.

Did I mention that they were funky-looking?

Well, in all honesty, you don't notice their funky looks while wearing them, unless, perhaps you see it in the expressions on the faces of the salespeople you may be conversing with. Or in the double-takes you're given as you walk around - even in a Halloween store.

But the darn things work. I adjusted them to look at things close-up and to read labels, and then adjusted them again to see farther afield while walking around the various stores we visited.

And at home I could work on the computer, and later cuddle up with a book without having to hold it at the distance of a computer screen in order for it to be in focus.

In fact, this morning I enjoyed reading Dracula as I sipped my morning coffee and ate my Go Lean Kashi cereal - and I didn't have to prop it at a bit of a distance, the book lay right if front of me on the table.

I have 30 days in which to decide if Trufocals are the glasses for me. I think, in the end, it will all come down to vanity, but I shall continue to blog about my Trufocals experience and post my ultimate decision whether I keep them, or return them for a full refund.

I do have a few questions (edit ~ the Trufocals people read this and emailed the answers to me, which are in red after the questions):
  1. What if your prescription wasn't quite correct and your Trufocals don't work for you because of it? I ask this because once I got a bad prescription and couldn't wear my glasses. I was given a re-examination for free, and the glasses were ground correctly, for free. What would happen if this were the case when you tried on your Trufocals? Trufocals answer: If your optometrist gave you an incorrect prescription we will machine new front lenses for you at no cost.
  2. Does my 30 day trial start from the day I ordered my Trufocals, or on the day that I physically received them? I ask, because I ordered them on Oct. 9th, they were shipped on Oct. 22nd, and I received them on Oct. 28th. TruFocals answer: Your 30-day trial begins the day you receive them.
  3. If I decide to keep my Trufocals and, in the future, need a new prescription, do I have to purchase a whole new pair, or can the outer lenses simply be replaced with the new prescription, which, I presume, would cost less? Trufocals answer: In the future when your prescription changes, you will only need to replace the front removable lenses. The clear lenses are $149.00 and the photochromic lenses are $245.00.
Before I got my Trufocals, I had one pair of progressive lenses (no-line bifocals) and a pair of reading glasses (ground for computer work - hence the need to hold knitting, books, newspapers, at a bit of a distance). I only wore the bifocals while shopping, or in places like museums, and I wore the reading glasses while working on the computer, reading, knitting, cooking, etc.
I must say that I really liked the look of my reading glasses. They were stylish with a tortoise shell finish. So the vanity in me will find it hard to come to terms with the Dr. Van Helsing look of the Trufocals - even in the privacy of my own home.
In any event, stay tuned for updates of my Trufocals experience.


adrienne said...

I like funky! Hope they work out for you. All the adjusting sounds hard to get used to, but glasses drive me crazy anyway.

Love your daughter's comment about the Harry Potter glasses...

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

It is indeed tricky getting used to them, but I'm giving it a go and trying to decide how vain I am : )

RainyDay said...

Did you end up keeping them? We got ours last is a FirstLook:

Click on any of the images for a larger version.

ICQB said...

Hi RainyDay!

Yes, I've kept mine. I'm wearing them right now.

Your report is very informative and thorough - looking forward to your first use review when it's posted. Thanks for the link - I'm sure lots of people will stop by for a look.

RainyDayInterns said...

Glad you kept them. We are finding we liking them more and more everyday.

Do you ever wear them without the front lenses while wearing contacts?

Some of the folks here wear contacts and have been using them just for reading...

It is actually a pretty good idea to get double duty out of the glasses. Something which you can't do with bifocals and other prescription eye wear.

BTW...we asked them whether they will have 3DTV compatible lenses :-)

Will have the answer in our upcoming FirstUse report!!!


ICQB said...

Hi RainyDayInterns!

Wearing them without front lenses while wearing contacts is a kooky crazy great idea. I don't have contacts, but I'd try it if I did.

And 3DTV lenses - another cool and geeky idea. The Trufocals folks should hire you people on as their idea team : - )

Looking forward to reading your FirstUse report!

dennis said...

It sounds very good, but...When driving with my bifocals I can easily glance down at the speedometer, and then look ahead. It seems I'd have to adjust the Trufocal again for each of those actions, thus distracting me while driving. Is this a correct view of he situation when you drive?

ICQB said...

Hi dennis!

With my particular prescription, I do not have that problem. I can drive and look at the dashboard controls without adjusting anything. I don't know if this is true for every prescription, though.

Alicia said...


I came upon your blog while doing research on the superfocus glasses. For the first time I am about to get some sort of "real" glasses (as opposed to drug-store readers) and I am intrigued by these.I do not think I will like bifocals or progressives from the sound of them.

You & I have a few things in common, I read a lot, use the computer a lot, and I knit (not as much as I want!).

So, it is now the end of Feb. 2011 and I am wondering how you (and the other posters that have them) are liking the superfocus after these few months? Can you update pretty please?

ICQB said...

Hi Alicia!

Okay, here's an update. I've now owned my Trufocals/Superfocus glasses for well over one year. My prescription needs a renewal (I can tell this for close-up). Will I renew with Superfocus eyewear? Probably not, but here are my very personal reasons:

1)The frames hug me too tightly at the temples and leave semi-permanent grooves at the sides of my face.

2)The focus, at least for me, needs changing a lot, and it's difficult to do this when you're doing something that takes both hands, or your hands are mucky with dough, wet yarn, soil, and the list goes infinitely on.

3)I still struggle with the way they look. I've actually been laughed at when I've put them on before in front of some people. And lots of times I felt like they needed introducing before I donned them so that I wouldn't get strange stares or reactions.

I wish I had enough money to buy Superfocus eyewear AND bifocals AND prescription reading glasses, because I definitely like the clear focus of the Superfocus glasses, especially when reading and doing close work, like knitting.

I may regret going back to a bifocal/prescription reading glasses combo, but my prescriptions usually need upping almost every year, so I can always try again!

Alicia said...

Thank you so much for responding. I had my eye appt. yesterday and I have decided on "computer" glasses. I am far sighted and although weaker, my distance vision is still good enough to "pass." I just need close up and now intermediate help.

I am also going to attempt bi-focal contacts, but fear they will not work. The pair she tried on me in the office was a no go so she had to special order some. According to the doctor, the ones that failed work on about 80-90% of people! Figures I would fall into that non-average percentile!

ICQB said...

Hi Alicia!

Good luck with your glasses, and with the contacts!

j/J said...

I was initially thrilled at the idea of the Superfocus products and in early Jan, 2011, ordered a pair of glasses and sunglasses. After I placed my order, Superfocus notified me that it would take approximately 4 months to receive my order - - - a shockingly long period of time, but after thinking it over I decided that they may be worth that wait).
When I had not received them by the END of April, I was beginning to 'sour' on the whole idea and was also beginning to fear that "superfocus" may not even be a 'real' company. After several conversations with Superfocus and waiting for several more days, I finally received the glasses in mid-May (I was told that the sunglasses were not yet available and there was no expected shipment date). As far as the glasses I received, the frames were bent and the prescription was incorrect. To say this was extremely disappointing is an understatement.
I immediately contacted Superfocus and returned the glasses. I was told it takes approx a week to receive the refund. Because it's been over 6 weeks today and still no refund, I called Superfocus and told them that if they did not email a confirmation number for the credit they applied to my credit card by 5:00 pm (my time) today, I would contact my credit card company to challenge the charge and I would contact my atty.
As you can see, this has been a terrible experience all around.

SeaKitty said...

I too am researching Trufocals - they just started an advertising campaign with several actors/well known people. Currently I wear one contact lens in my left eye for computer work and 1 contact in my right eye for distance. Thought it was a crazy idea but it works great for me. The problem I have is that I still need 'cheaters' for reading up close-books, some paperwork. The $700 price tag is off-putting-even tho' I now spend at least $600/yr (at Costco) on lenses. Plus I can wear (and sleep) in my disposable lenses (changed every 1-2 weeks). Would be great to be able to see - would need a white cane without help. >^..^<

ICQB said...

Hi j/J!

Sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I think the Superfocus folks need to learn how to handle growth. Hope you find good glasses elsewhere!

ICQB said...

Hi SeaKitty!

The price tag is a bit intimidating. I paid about $1000 a year and a half ago for a pair, plus an extra pair of tinted lenses, and the extended warranty. The thing is, after 1 year, I could tell my prescription was changing again and I would need new glasses again. I'm at the point now where I really need the change, but I don't want to lay out that kind of money for 1 year's worth of vision. I think I'm going back to bifocals and reading glasses.

Anonymous said...

At the superfocus site they say it's something like $149 for grinding a new prescription. You put it in place of the original lens they sent. There are more details there.

ICQB said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

What about the enormous cost?

ICQB said...

Hi Anonymous,

The cost is fairly high, but with the Superfocus, I would be replacing two pairs of glasses, one bifocal pair, and one pair just for reading. Looking at it that way, the cost begins to look more reasonable. If you can get over the look, the cost, and if you do not engage in work which does not leave your hands free, or covered in some sort of goop or other, I actually would recommend the Superfocus glasses. I went back to two pairs of glasses when the prescription finally needed changing on my Superfocus. Now I am in need of a new prescription again, and wish I could afford to get a pair of Superfocus and a pair of bifocals. That way, I could use the bifocals out and about, and use the Superfocus at home, because I really do like the crips vision they impart, but not how they look style-wise.

RainyDayInterns said...

We posted here a few years and and thought it was time to give an update:

Click on any of the images for a larger version.


ICQB said...

Hi RainyDayInterns!

Thanks so much for the update! Thorough and interesting. I wish I didn't have an astigmatism, or else I'd try out a pair of those Adlens eyeglasses for sure.