Sunday, May 4, 2008

Magical Gardens

Please check out this picture (larger one here). I found it while doing a quick search for late August blooming plants in Ireland on Google. This blog came up in the search with a page of August entries. I have since placed this blog in my 'interesting links'.

The image conjures up stories of faerie and magic. Doesn't it? What story does it stir up in you? Childhood memories? Come on - we all had imaginations at one point to do this image justice. It makes me want to sit down for story time.

According to the windywillow blog, the picture is from a garden in Cornwall called Heligan Gardens (more about the gardens here)and the scupture is by one Alan Thomas. It's called the mud maid.

Why was I googling late August blooming plants in Ireland? I was revising a manuscript and suddenly wanted/needed to know what one could find blooming in late August in Ireland. Although when I found the windywillow blog I became a little side-tracked, and then my husband came and suggested that we go do something, and that was the end of revising for the day.

One of the things we did was rent the movie Into The Wild. My husband had a small projection screen and projector that he had checked out from the library at the university where he teaches. He needed it over the weekend for a presentation. We ended up setting it up in the living room, and with the help of his laptop and the stereo, we had a really nice little movie theatre. It all worked so well that now he wants a big screen TV and surround sound =^..^= The movie was really good, by the way. I would recommend seeing it if you haven't already. And the book is supposed to be excellent too.

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