Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Anticiparcelation (n.) The state of being in anticipation of a parcel.

I didn't make make the word up, though I wish I had because it's awfully clever. To put it poetically:

I could never
be that clever

The word actually comes from a piece in Reader's Digest Magazine that I read many years ago. It was written by a woman who played a game with her daughter over the years of making words up. One day as they waited on their front step for a parcel to arrive from the postman, they came up with anticiparcelation.

I think it's a good word to use at this time of year. I just sent off all of my holiday parcels to friends and family, and now I await theirs in a happy state of anticiparcelation. Some will be a card with news and well wishes for the season, some will be actual parcels with gifts for the family, and some may even be just an email wishing us a joyous season.

So maybe I'm even awaiting all of these things with anticijoyillation - the state of being in anticipation of a joyous season!

In any event, I wish you a wonderful season of anticiparcelation.

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