Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wrapping caramels, spaying cats

Freki, our 6 month old kitten, went into the vet this morning to be spayed. While she's away I have to try to cut and wrap all of the caramel I made yesterday, otherwise she'll be in the middle of the whole process wreaking havoc.

This is her about a month ago or so, asleep. We've learned not to wake her when she's asleep. Best to enjoy the reprieve from all of the running and ricocheting and climbing up your back:

Here's a peek at a pan of caramel:

I made a triple batch yesterday and poured it out to cool overnight, knowing that I would have a precious few hours today without Freki in which to get my two pans of caramel cut and wrapped:

These two pans will produce about fifteen 8 oz. bags.

Okay, the dog is walked, the driveway is shoveled, the cat is at the vet. Time to wrap caramels.

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