Monday, December 8, 2008

Grooming - a guest post by Strider

Hi, I'm Strider and I'm guest blogging today.

A handsome russet and white border collie by the name of Basil, way over in the UK, was wondering how to keep his equally handsome russet and white coat looking good. Hey, we russet and whites have to stick together - solidarity in the face of all of those black and whites!

Anyway, here's what my humans use on me:

My guest post is finished. I will now fix my stare on the sliding glass door until I am let outside.


adrienne said...

That's the cutest guest blogger I've seen!

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

I have to agree with you.


Tea with Willow said...

Hi Strider! You are a very handsome chap! Glad to see your humans are keeping your coat nice and glossy, so you look good on the photos!! I'm a big fan of Basil too!
Willow x

Strider said...

Woof! Thank you, Willow. My humans sometimes tell me that I'm shiny and hansome - but I only care what my two little poodle girlfriends in the park think!

And Basil sent me an email! I'm going to drop my ball long enough to write one back. Woof!


aromatic said...

Hi Strider,
Glad you received the email...
You have girlfriends... wow!! I am afraid I haven't a girlfriend at present.. but after a decent groom with that wonderful brush you have recommended things could change!!
Well better go for my late doggy walk and get some beauty sleep... looks pretty frosty outside tonight so may be able to have a bit of a romp over the ploughed field behind our house... great when its frosty as you don't get muddy paws...
Looking forward to catching up with you again!!
Basil xxx

Strider said...

Hi Basil!

Woof! I wrote you an email back, hope you got it. And frosty is the way to go - I hate muddy paws.

Have a good romp, hope there are lots of exciting smells out there tonight!