Friday, December 5, 2008

Treacle Crunch, a.k.a. Chocolatey covered candy honeycomb

My last post dealt with making the center part for my chocolatey covered Treacle Crunch. In the picture below you can see what the aftermath of dipping, letting dry, and bagging the candies looks like:

I now have 13 bags of Treacle Crunch to send away with gifts:

Some gifts I made earlier are herbal salves - goldenrod and calendula. I packaged them up with a little pamphlet I made about the herbs in the salves:

Here are the herbal salves with the caramels I made earlier in the week:

I wish I had enough to share with everyone who comes to visit my blog! But I do have a holiday gift for you so that you don't go away empty handed. It's a little Christmas story I wrote. You can download it for free - it's my holiday gift to you!

Just click on the book cover in the upper right corner of my blog page, then select "Download for free."

Happy Holidays!


aromatic said...

Hi ICQB, Thank you so much for visiting my blog... its lovely to have a comment from you.
I have had a browse around your blog and its like a treasure trove of wonderful things.... I will pay a visit again as their is so much to see and enjoy!!
I found the video of the kitten and Strider... it did make me laugh.. the kitten and its antics and then Strider with the rake... so like a collie to find fun in everything!!
He is so gorgeous, how do you keep his coat in such wonderful condition, I have an awful time trying to keep Basils coat matt free and just cannot seem to find the right kind of grooming equipment....
I have given Basil your pat and he loved it... please give Strider a doggie pat from me and the kitten a snuggle!!
Take Care!!
Jane (aka:aromatic) xxx

ICQB said...

Hi aromatic!

Thanks so much for popping in for a visit! And yes, it is just like a collie to find fun in everything!

And it is a chore trying to keep their coats groomed, isn't it? We, to, have had a hard time keeping Strider mat free. Especially the long hair on his rump.

My husband found a wide-toothed grooming comb (only has one row of sturdy, round-tipped tines) which seems to do the trick. Strider also likes it much better than our other brushes and combs.

We also sometimes spray him with a doggie conditioning spray before we brush. Don't know if he likes that because it makes him smell girly for a while - but we tell him he looks so shiny and HANDSOME, and then he's okay with it : )

Have a wonderful day and say hi to Basil. Now I'm off to give Strider his doggie pat from you!