Friday, December 5, 2008

Making Candy Honeycomb

I've documented my candy honeycomb making. It's not real honeycomb, the candy is light and has a lot of air holes in it, so it's called candy honeycomb. If you've ever eaten a Crunchie bar or a Violet Crumble bar, then you've eaten candy honeycomb. Those bars are covered with chocolate. Mine will be too when it's all said and done. But first, the honeycomb.

It's really very easy to make. I double the recipe that I have, so I put 1/2 cup water, 3 cups sugar, and 1/2 cup golden syrup in the pan:

The recipe really calls for corn syrup, not golden syrup, but I use golden syrup and then I can call my concoction Treacle Crunch:

Stir ingredients together just to mix, and then bring to a boil without stirring:

Continue boiling until candy thermometer reaches 300 degrees F. Wipe down any sugar crystals that accumulate on side of pan with a damp pastry brush:

When 300 degrees is reached, remove from heat and whisk in 2 Tablespoons sifted baking soda. Here is a video clip of the process, I don't say anything so you don't have to turn your volume up (nothing happens in the middle of the clip for about a minute while I'm pouring, but then I show the candy after it's been poured in the pans):

Then pour out on parchment lined pans and let cool without disturbing for at least 20 minutes:

When the honeycomb is cool, break it up into pieces and enjoy as is, crumble over ice cream, or dip in chocolate to make your own homemade Crunchie bars.

Use undipped honeycomb right away, or you can keep it in airtight containers for a few days at most. Dipped honeycomb must also be stored in airtight containers or ziplock bags. It will stay good for a little bit longer than the undipped.

You can cut the above recipe in half with no problems.

I wish I could share some candy with you during this month of celebration, but since I can't, please don't forget to leave with the gift I can share with you - a short little Christmas story I wrote that you can download for free.

To get it, click on the book cover in the upper right of my blog page and then select "Download for free."

Happy Holidays!


Q said...

This looks so yummy.
I have never made candy. I think it would be fun.
Thank you for the story.
So kind of you to gift us with your writing. Looking forward to reading.
Enjoy getting ready for Christmas!

ICQB said...

Thanks Sherry!

Hope you're keeping warm with your lovely hats and other wonderful felted things! And I hope you enjoy the story.