Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in our yard

I hope your Halloween was spooky and fun!

A crypt appeared in our yard for the evening:

My daughter and her boyfriend became vampires and handed out candy in the crypt:

Trick-or-treaters made their way to ours, the last house on a dead-end street, to receive their treats. I was a ghostly figure hovering here and there, replenishing the treat cauldron when supplies got low, adjusting the fogger, and generally haunting the accompanying graveyard:

My offspring were artsy with their Jack-O'lanterns:

As the night grew darker, the vampires became spookier:

We had a fun night - although all had been foretold that morning. I went to the library earlier in the day. There, at the checkout desk was a fortune teller with this sign, "Are you fortune's friend or foe? Ask me a question and I will know." And there, before me, was a magic eight ball.

I grasped the eight ball and asked, "Will our Halloween be a success?"

I shook, turned the ball over, and the ghostly answer floated to the the surface of the dark little window, "Without a doubt."

And it was right.


adrienne said...

Wow! Fantastic decorations, and a perfect setting. Looks like a great time.

(The word verification this time is mistful)

ICQB said...

Hi adrienne!

Ha! The word verifications are sometimes appropriate.

We had a great time - looks like you did too - now on to Thanksgiving!

jimminyjojo said...

Looks like fun! That batman jack-o-lantern looks so awesome!

ICQB said...

Hi jimminyjojo!

I know! The batman jack-o-lantern was one of my favorites.