Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm keeping my TruFocals (now called Superfocus)

(Edit: TruFocals are now called Superfocus) The other morning I remembered that I needed to post my decision - whether I had decided to keep my TruFocals after my 30 day trial. I had to make my decision right around Thanksgiving, but I forgot to post about it.

I've decided to keep them.

I had my daughter snap a couple of pictures of me the other morning, one without my Trufocals, and one with. You can see them below. My hair was still wet, so it's pulled hastily back into a clip.

My Trufocals work very well for what I use them for, but I must say, that if I were still taking classes, I would probably go with bifocals. I'm thinking that bifocals would be much better for taking notes from the board in lecture halls - no focusing back and forth.

I wear my Trufocals for reading, computer work, cooking, knitting, and when I go out shopping, etc. I don't wear them all the time because my distance vision isn't that bad yet (and I'm not trying to take notes off of blackboards anymore). But they're great for shopping, etc.

And my favorite thing is actually being able to read the small print on things like medicine bottles, or when trying to read off of a weathered label on a string of Christmas lights what type of replacement bulbs and fuses to use. I can actually see the print! Clearly!

With my old reading glasses, that was still an iffy issue because I had to hold the print at a certain distance for it to be in focus, but that's not helpful when the print is small. It might be in focus, but it's still too far away to read. That's not a problem with my Trufocals, I can hold things close and zoom into sharp focus to read all of that fine print.

And here is the lovely me without and with my Trufocals:

See? They're not so bad. Right? (The correct answer is, "No, in fact they look quite fetching!")

And btw, those flowers hanging upside down to the right are some of the last of the calendula I harvested from my garden. I got flowers right up through the first week of December. The succession of 20 degree nights lately has finally put an end to my plants. The garage is too cold now to use as a drying room, so I've hung them in the living room from the curtain rods. That room doesn't get much light. I now have plenty of calendula with which to make my herbal concoctions.


aromatic said...

They do look very fetching!! And how wonderful it is to be able to see such detail!!
Much Love, Jane xxx

joco said...

What glasses?
You look straight at your (fetching) eyes anyway. So no worries.

Verif. agrees, and says "sweet". Honestly.

BTW, you're supposed to inspect my Tasha Whatsername post. So there!

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

Thank you - they're fetching in a Harry Potter sort of way : )

Hope all is well, pats to Basil.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

Tasha Tudor who?? I spent a very long time looking at the dreamy pictures on your post. What a life!!

If you don't put together a picture story, you'll be hearing from me...