Friday, December 4, 2009

Sort of creepy cell phone lady

My daughter's cell phone sometimes calls me back. It happens every once in a great while when I get the 'leave a message' mode when she doesn't answer. I'll hang up and almost immediately my phone will ring.

Me: "Hello?"

A lady's voice: "Are you still there?"

It's my daughter's cell phone. The lady's voice will go on to tell me how to leave a message.

The other day she had something new to say, and it was a bit creepy.

It was Thanksgiving day. Hubby was sick on the couch, son was at work, daughter was at boyfriend's for the morning, I was busy cooking. I called my daughter to ask if she would run to the store and bring me an ingredient that I needed. She was less than accommodating and I became miffed and like the mature mother I am, I hung up on her.

My phone immediately rang.

Me: "Hello?"

Cell phone lady voice: "I'm sorry you're having problems."


I think she listens in on our conversations.


joco said...

Want to know what her intonation is like.
K9? Level like a machine?
BTW, have pity on us readers, will ye? Hard work keeping pace with you now :-)

How long did it take for the flu patient to recover? And what sort of temperatures did he get? And how come you and the others didn't catch it? I have no idea what to expect.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

Her speach is deliberate, but very human.

It took about a week for him to feel human again, and then the cough set in. The cough was brutal for a few days and then began to calm down. It's now been two weeks, he only has sporadic coughing attacks (mostly at night now), but he'd feeling much better.

I don't know what his temperature was - he's not big on being doctored and babied. It seemed to last for a couple of days, though.

I'd like to think that the rest of us didn't get it because I made us drink one of my special teas throughout the whole ordeal. But most likely it's because we tried to make sure everything was constatly wiped down with disinfectant, and we washed our hands a lot.

My 'Stave Off' tea has things in it which have mild antiviral or antibacterial qualities - elecampane, lemon balm, holy basil, calendula. I've been drinking it for the past year and a half whenever anyone else is sick in the family, or if I feel as though I might be coming down with something. I've only been sick once, mildly, with a cold in that time.